Solmax, starts its business as a distributor of geosynthetics products in Canada.

1983 - 2009

Solmax develops its know-how and specializes itself in the installation of the whole range of geosynthetics. The company rapidly adapts to the numerous national and federal legislations which require the use geosynthetics in many containment applications and establish branch offices dedicated to the installation of the geosynthetics in Canada, USA, France, Venezuela and Chile. 


Solmax decides to integrate vertically and starts HDPE and LLDPE geomembrane manufacturing plant in Quebec, Canada. The company changes its focus and wish to become a major player in the geomembrane manufacturing industry.


Solmax becomes the 3rd biggest geomembrane manufacturer in the world with production sites in Canada and Malaysia.


Solmax establishes Solmax Chile, a pipe manufacturing and pipe accessories distribution business to serve the increasing needs of the mining sector.


Solmax expands its production capacity in North America.


Solmax invests in extensive R&D and developed the BioCoverPro, the first geomembrane in biogas and bioenergy business, and started entering in biogas and bioenergy industry.


Solmax BioEnergy is established. 

Solmax History

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